Uniq Hospitality
522 King St. West
7 Months
Design Build and Interior Design
Completion date:
July 2021

Transforming a spacious former King West nightclub into a Mediterranean resto-lounge getaway is no easy feat! When the team behind the fabulous Myth εστιατόριο were looking to produce a dreamy Mykonos eatery, they knew BdB was the singular company capable of executing their vision effectively. Having provided our team with an assembled mood board of design notes, BdB conjured all the necessary design elements to create an idyllic coastal grotto experience. These ranged from the large: hand-stained parametric walls, algorithmic panels, a vaulted greenery arch, and of course, the awe-inducing sunset inspired wooden beams ceiling installation; to the small: artfully chosen fabrics, premiere lighting, and custom designed shelving for the venue’s artistic pottery display.