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Custom Fabrication & Design Services

An exciting new vision from a field veteran of Canadian interiors, BdB is a progressive design house with well rooted foundations. Furnishing clients with singular tailored solutions to accomplish all their custom design build needs. At BdB passion and creativity wedded with insight and experience create opportunities to transform everyday commercial spaces into sites of inspiration and expansion.

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The Company Values

Decor is merely adornment, good design is art.


A mindful balance that helps clients and the earth.


An understanding of craft that cuts edges, not corners.


Creating seamless moments that effortlessly unfold before you.

[ how it works ]

From Rendering To Reality

What Are 3D Renderings?

3D renderings is the vehicle through which creative ideas are made visual. By inputting all the necessary design details into a specialized technical software, clients receive a realistic visualization of their project. An important step in the design process, 3D renderings provide clarity and understanding to clients and keep projects on track.

How Is Interior Design Cost?

Initial consultations are free of charge and a fantastic way to get an informed quote that takes into account all the necessary factors. These include project size, timelines, decor, as well as custom solutions and fabrications.

Can I Create A Custom Design?

Of course! BdB provides a variety of customization services ranging from design layout, room-to-room spatial planning, and decor options, to special circumstances and accessibility. With thorough product knowledge and research, custom solutions are perfectly showcased via thoughtfully crafted storyboards and 3D renderings.

[ testimonials ]

What People Say

"Irfan's work stands the test of time with his unique trademark style and design. Always working to please the clients needs in delivering their vision, so effortlessly. A pleasure working with a true visionary."
Maryann Sprajcar, Director of Brands
Worked With Irfan
"Irfan Bukhari, my friend, thank you for taking my crazy ideas and creating opulent magic."
Abbis Mahmoud, Entrepreneur
Client of Irfan
"Irfan is very meticulous, talented, and hard working. He has a unique ability to visualize, coordinate, and create great designs that appear effortless and seamless. He is a pleasure to work with and brings great enthusiasm and energy to any project."
Emanuel Diomis, Principal Engineer
Worked with Irfan